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  1. Insert definition is - to put or thrust in. How to use insert in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of insert.
  2. something inserted or to be inserted. an extra leaf or section, printed independently, for binding or tipping into a book or periodical, especially a leaf or section consisting of an illustration or .
  3. 1. to put or place in: to insert a key in a lock. 2. to introduce into the body of something.
  4. to put something inside or into something else: insert sth into sth Please insert your card into the slot to make a payment. insert sth in sth You can pay to have advertising flyers inserted in magazines. insert sth between sth The leaflet can be inserted .
  5. Some common synonyms of insert are insinuate, intercalate, interject, interpolate, interpose, and introduce. While all these words mean "to put between or among others," insert implies putting into a fixed or open space between or among. inserted a clause in the contract When is it sensible to use insinuate instead of insert?
  6. EXAMPLES FROM THE WEB FOR INSERT After the word "played," in the fifth line, insert the words, "if it is ever played at all." Now bore a hole in the other end, in which insert the thread. She had managed to insert it in the door, hoping that Kay would find it.
  7. You can use INSERT INTO SELECT FROM to efficiently transfer a large number of rows from one table, such as a staging table, to .
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