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  1. Definition of desperate. 1 a: having lost hope a desperate spirit crying for relief. b: giving no ground for hope the outlook was desperate. 2 a: moved by despair or utter loss of hope victims made desperate .
  2. careless of danger, as from despair; utterly reckless. (of an act) reckless; risky. used or undertaken in desperation or as a last resort desperate measures. critical; very grave in desperate need. (often .
  3. desperate - showing extreme urgency or intensity especially because of great need or desire; "felt a desperate urge to confess"; "a desperate need for recognition" imperative - requiring attention or action; "as nuclear weapons proliferate, preventing war becomes imperative"; "requests that grew more and more imperative".
  4. desperate adjective (SERIOUS) C2. very serious or bad: desperate poverty. a desperate shortage of food / supplies. The situation is desperate - we have no food, very little water and no medical supplies. very great or extreme: The earthquake survivors are in desperate need of help. He has a desperate .
  5. Some common synonyms of desperate are despairing, despondent, and hopeless. While all these words mean "having lost all or nearly all hope," desperate implies despair that prompts reckless action or violence in the face of defeat or frustration. one last desperate attempt to turn the tide of battle.
  6. Desperate hope in another man's God may do something for us, but it cannot do much. In this desperate situation he determined to send a written despatch to Athens. It may be, however, that matters are not so desperate as they appear.
  7. Jun 20,  · "Desperate" is a low-budget but fairly good film-noir. The director Anthony Mann, at the beginning of his career, shows his talent, soon to be consecrated in a sequence of splendid western movies. The story is simple, but has a steady pace and a good suspense/10(K).
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